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CCWGA OPENING DAY at Magenta Shores

The CCWGA held their opening day at Magenta Shores today. The winning team, on an amazing score of 94 points were the Shelly Beach ladies Jenny Thompson, Eris Brown, Moira Shoveller and Glenda Thomas. To view all the results click on the CCWGA...

Morisset Open Amateur

The prolonged dry spell has been detrimental to Morisset's preparation of their course for this event which was programmed for Saturday 3 March.

A NSW Vardon event, the course must meet certain standards and the Club was concerned that in the...


The CCWGA will be holding an Inter District Match Play Event versus the HRDWGA (Hunter District)

The event will take place at Toukley Golf Club on the 24th September 2018. The team will comprise of 16 players with handicaps of G.A. 15 or below.


CCWGA Opening Day

The CCWGA Opening Day will be held on Monday 19th February 2018 at Magenta.

The Draw is available for download in the Event Draws drop box above.