CCWGA donates $15,000 to Lifeline Central Coast

Published August 20, 2021 09:50

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE - 17thAugust 2021

Dear Members of CCWGA,
Who would have thought that after our lovely get together at the end of June for Presentation of Pennants that that would be the last occasion, we have been able to see each other! Lockdown has meant that we have, hopefully, been playing golf at our own clubs but alas have not been able to play the competitions that the CCWGA committee had organised for July and August. Gay, our wonderful Treasurer, has transferred money back to the Treasurers of each club to reimburse you if you had booked in to play on our Seniors Day. With the cancellation of the Foursomes event, the credit card you used to enter through Golf Genius would have had a credit issued to it.

Charity Day has also had to be cancelled as has our meeting with Reps for next week. However, we have given $15,000 to Lifeline Direct Central Coast on your behalf as we felt that it was important to get this money to them especially at this time. We do know that there will be extra monies coming in from the clubs when lockdown finishes, and we can start having proper presentations etc. We hope that life will be back to normal by November when we will be able to conduct our two-day tournament with a Presentation where Julie Wicks the Regional General Manager Hunter and Central Coast for Lifeline Direct will be able to attend and tell us where our money has been used. She has also included a very informative flyer that I have included with this letter. It is definitely worth a read.
Stay safe and enjoy your golf.
Thanks again for your continued support of District golf.
Yours sincerely,
Pamela Johnston
President CCWGA

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