Honour Board

Inaugural meeting held at Gosford Golf Club 13 November, 1949.

Association incorporated under Associations Incorporation Act, 1984 on 1 March, 2001.

Foundation Clubs

Club Name Date Admitted
Gosford 13 November, 1949
Wyong 13 November, 1949
Tuggerah Lakes 13 November, 1949

Admitted Clubs

Club Name Date Admitted
Everglades 24 April, 1956
Morisset 26 June, 1968 - Ceased operations 24 May 2019
Toukley 23 June, 1971
Breakers (formerly Terrigal) 26 February, 1975
Mangrove Mountain 10 December, 1975
The Springs 2000
Kooindah Waters 12 July, 2006
Magenta Shores 12 July, 2006

Life Members

Name Date Granted
Jim Nicoll * 13 December, 1972
Les Graham * 13 December, 1972
Arthur Mollett * 11 September, 1974
Dick Carroll * 10 March, 1982
Hope Mullard * 10 March, 1982
Gordon Jackson * 10 March, 1982
Neville Hardy * 12 December, 1984
Fred Johnstone * 10 March, 1992
Les Heath 8 March, 1994
Rob Brann * 11 March, 1997
Bob Robards 11 March, 1999
Bob Sharman * 1 March, 2006
Tony Lamaro 14 May, 2008
Peter Nesteroff 14 May, 2008
Ian Elliott 11 March, 2009
Dave Willett 11 March, 2013
Steve Fallon 19 September, 2018
James Swanson 11 September, 2019

* denotes deceased

Office Bearers

President V/President Captain V/Captain
1950/54 C J Lloyd (Gos) 1950/52 N McGowan (Wy) First elected 1985 First elected1996
1955/59 L Graham (Gos) 1953 L Bannister (Gos) 1985 L Heath (E/G) 1996/8 N Gately (M/M)
1960/63 A Mollett (Wy) 1954 S Hahn (Wy) 1986/88 F Thompson (Gos) 1999/04 J Cranston (Tou)
1964 F Payne (Gos) 1955/56 G Comony (Wy) 1989/90 P Nesteroff (Wy) 2005 /12 G Taylor (Wy)
1965/90 A Mollett (Wy) 1957 J Nicoll (T/L) 1991/94 R Robards (Mor) 2013 /  16 C Wickham (Wy) (resigned 10/2/16)
1991/95 A Roebuck (Gos) 1958/59 A Mollett (Wy) 1995/6 P Nesteroff (Wy) 2016 / 21 P. Sliwinskli (SB)
1996 L Heath (E/G) 1960/63 L Graham (Gos) 1997 A Haviland (Gos)
1997/ 15 R Robards (Mor) 1964 A Mollett (Wy) 1998 A Haviland/A Lamaro
2016 / 21 J Witten (Wy) 1965 F Payne/B Lansdowne  1999/13 A Lamaro (E/G)
1966/72 R Hex tall (Gos) 2014/ 21 S Fallon (Wy)
1973/79 R Carroll (E/G)
1980/82 H Mullard (Mor)
1983/85 L Heath (E/G)
1986 A T Smith (Wy)
1987/88 G Jackson (Wy)
1989 K Styles (Mo)
1990 A Roebuck (Gos)
1991 K Skinner/M Hutchby
1992/93 M Hutchby (Mor)
1993/94 M Hutchby/L Heath
1995 L Heath (E/G)
1996 R Robards (Mor)
1997/04 K Robertson (Mor)
2005 /09 W Anderson (T/L)
2009 /13 S Mitchell (Mor) - Resigned 3/13
2014/15 J Witten (Wy)
2015/16 D Lulham (KW)
2016/ 21 G Chee (Gos)
Secretary Treasurer Junior Dev. Off
1950 J A Sterland (Gos) 1950/80 J Nicoll (T/L) First elected 1975
1951/54 F Walpole (Gos) 1981/90 G Jackson (Wy) 1975 R Slough (Gos)
1955 C J Lloyd (Gos) 1991/96 P Thomas (Ter) 1983/96 R Brann (Gos)
1956 C J Lloyd / R Evans 1997/ 21 I Elliott (E/G) 1997 P Watson (Wy)/R Brann (Gos)
1957 R Wood (Gos) 1998 R Brann (Gos)
1958/61 J Britt 1999 Dist Cap/VC
1962/63 R Hextall (Gos) 2000/08 H Winsor (Tou) resigned 11 / 08
1964 A Reynolds (SMTL) 2009/ 21 S. Fallon (Wy)
1965 A Reynolds / L Graham
1966/75 L Graham (Gos)
1976/85 N Hardy (Wy)
1986/88 L Heath (E/G)
1989 L Heath / R J Sharman
1990/05 R J Sharman
2006/ 21 I Elliott (E/G)

Foursomes / Mixed Foursomes Championship

Year A Grade Venue B Grade Venue C Grade Venue Mixed Venue
1950 Gosford
1951 Wyong
1952 R Hoy / C J Lloyd (Gos)
1953 W Patterson / A Buscombe (Gos) Gosford G Petifield / K McPherson (Wy) Wyong
1955 R Knox / R Hoy (Gos) E Opey /R Shackleton (T/L) L Arndell /J Holmes (Gos)
1956 R Knox /R Hoy (Gos) J Coombes / J Spencer (T/L) L Smith / R Smith (Wy)
1957 L McCarthy /D Easey (Gos) A Watkins / G Pearse (T/L) A Colvin /M Pryor (Wy)
1959 R Knox /R Hoy (Gos) Wells /R Hall K Bailey /L Hope
1960 J Ryan /W Horton (Wy) M Parsons /L McGee Gosford
1962 A Kay / A Parsons (Gos) T/Lakes Gosford
1963 Wyong Wyong Wyong Gosford
1964 Wyong Wyong Wyong Gosford
1965 I Ford / T Thorndyke Gosford C Condon / H Denning Gosford W Salmon /J Denchfield Gosford M Hickey /D Easey (Gos) Wyong
1966 F Martin (E/G)D Easey (Gos) Wyong K Mascord /J Watt Wyong E Freeland /K Peterson Wyong M Hickey /D Easey (Gos) T/Lakes
1967 R Hall /A Watkins (T/L) E/glades R Botham /T Baume (T/L) E/glades W Chestnut / R Ison (Gos) E/glades M Hickey /D Easey (Gos) Gosford
1968 R Hall / A Watkins (T/L) Gosford Gosford Gosford M Hickey / D Easey (Gos) E/glades
1969 N Hardy / R O’Connell (Wy) E/glades J Mitchell / E Davey (Gos) E/glades D Smith / L Urquhart (E/G) E/glades J Stephenson / A Watkins (T/L) T/Lakes
1970 D Gray / A Moyle (Wy) T/Lakes D Campton /J McKendrick T/Lakes J Slapp / H Samuels T/Lakes J Stephenson / P Wood (T/L) Wyong
1971 D Gray /A Moyle (Wy) Wyong B Foott / B North (T/L) Wyong K Drake / C Deaves (Mor) Wyong R Hughes (Ev) / A Lamont (Gos) Gosford
1972 Gosford E/glades
1973 A Lamont /I Lamont (Gos) E/glades R Marin / P Adams (E/G) E/Glades J Carruthers / D McLaren (Mor) E/Glades M Parsons / M Parsons (Gos) Gosford
1974 T/Lakes T/Lakes
1975 C Bishop /G Brown (Wy) E/glades F Taylor /D Fisher (E/G) E/Glades C Finch / N Corrigan Toukley J Donaldson / T Bowditch (Gos) Wyong
1976 W Hand / B Withers (T/L) T/Lakes S Hooper /B Wilson T/Lakes A Green /C Bailey Morisset V Richardson (E/G)/ L Allen (T/L) Gosford
1977 C Bishop /G Brown (Wy) Gosford P Skinner /K Bastian (Gos) Gosford B Mitchell/W Bowles (T/L) Toukley K McLachlan / G McLachlan (T/L)
1978 J Van Donk /R Taylor (E/G) E/glades R Howell / W Brown (Tou) E/glades R Joyner /J Brett (Tou) E/glades B Slade (Mor) / R Swanson (T/L) T/Lakes
1979 G McLachlan / L Allen (T/L) B Redman / J Lambert R Mead /R McKenzie (E/G) K Garrett /G McLachlan (T/L)
1980 G Bailey / A Beaumont (T/L) G Breen /T Breen (T/L) R Wighton (T/L)/ G Mercer (Terr) F Brennan / A T Smith (Wy)
1981 A Beaumont /L Allen (T/L) N Callaghan / T Jennings J Swadling / S Quayley (T/L)
1982 A Beaumont /L Allen (T/L) B Went /R Dark (E/G) D Blackstock /B Blackstock (Mor) T Hill /S Ford (Wy)
1983 J Van Donk / R Taylor (E/G) I Armour /C Pittman (E/G) A Ellis /G Ford (Gos) S Van Donk /J Van Donk (E/G)
1984 H Winsor / A Goldberg (E/G) E/glades R Botham /M Wales (T/L) Toukley K Fogo /J Cartlege (T/L) Toukley K Phelan /S Fisher (T/L) Morisset
1985 D Willet/B Corbett (Tou) Morisset C Pitman/ J Arnold (E/G) N Watt/J Gordon (Tou) S Van Donk/J Van Donk (E/G) E/glades
1986 R Whitlock (Mor)/ L Allen (T/L) Morisset C Cartwright /B Watson (E/G) E/glades D Bagero /K Lewis (Mor) Wyong L Howell /D Willett (Tou) T/Lakes
1987 L Allen /C Mitchell (T/L) M Davies /K Webber (E/G) Gosford R Morris/J. Miller (E/G) Gosford D Heaton /C Field
1988 R Bunn /S Piggott (Mor) K Burke /S Fisher (T/L)
1989 S Fisher /M Burke (T/L) T/Lakes L Howell /D Willett (Tou) Gosford
1990 A Bond /T Martin (Mor) Wyong G Smith /N Swanson (T/L) Wyong M Coughlin /D Gordon (Tou) Toukley A Buckham / S. Wilson (E/G) E/glades
1991 J Hart / J Swanson (T/L) Morisset P Evans /M Burnett (Terr) Morisset C Montgomery /J Goldsmith (Mor) Morisset S. Finn/D. Corbett (Tou) E/glades
1992 P Chatillon /L Allen (T/L) W Davis / B Davis (E/G) J Keavenley /P Kidd (T/L)
1993 N Aitken / A. Dorsett (Tou) B Garvin (T/L) / P Long (Terr) R Morris /J Miller (E/G)
1994 P Watson /G Goodwin (Gos) Morisset Gosford Gosford H McManus / N Carmichael (E/G)
1995 T/Lakes Wyong Wyong Gosford
1996 R Steele /C Wickham (Wy) Wyong Not Played Not Played T/Lakes
1997 J Stephen /K Durey (Gos) Morisset L Howell /R Howell (Tou) Toukley
1998 A Bond / L Wales (Mor) Morisset J Paull /B James (E/G) E/glades
1999 P Chatillon / V Chatillon (T/L) Gosford L Anderson /S Fisher (T/L)Wyong
2000 P Sliwinski /F Taylor (T/L) Toukley E Straker / A Bond (Wy)


2001 L Devlin (Tou)/B Woodward (T/L) Morisset E. Straker /A Bond (Wy)Gosford
2002 C Wickham (Wy)/S Ford (Tou) E/glades R Lindsay /D Willett (Tou) Toukley
2003 J Swanson (Terr)/D Willett (Tou) Morisset N Garrett / S Creswick (T/L) T/Lakes
2004 J Swanson (Terr) / D Willett (Tou) Wyong E. Bond /A. Bond (Wy) Toukley
2005 B Woodward / R Wehrle (T/L) T/Lakes A. Howell (Tou) /B. Woodward (T/L) Gosford
2006 P Sliwinski / F Taylor Toukley L. Anderson /P. Sliwinski (T/L) E/glades
2007 B. Woodward / R. Wehrle (T/L) T/ Lakes H. McDarmont / S. Fisher (T/L) Gosford
2008 B. Woodward / R. Wehrle (T/L) Wyong J. Papps / L. Papps (E/G) E/glades
2009 B. Woodward / R. Wehrle (T/L) Toukley Y. Boardman / D. Willett (Tou) Gosford
2010 Not Played Y. Boardman / D. Willett (Tou) E/glades
2011 A. Pitty / C. Wickham (Wy) S / Beach L. Anderson / P. Sliwinski (S/B) Gosford
2012 A. Pitty / C. Wickham (Wy) Toukley Y. Boardman/ R. Hogan  (Tou) Everglades
2013 C.Wickham / E.Forsyth (Wy) Wyong L. Anderson /
P. Sliwinski
2014 K. Boyd / D. Boyd (Tou) Kooindah Waters Not Played Everglades
2015 A. Bond (KW) / D. Morgan (Mor) Morisset Not Played Gosford
2016 Not Played Toukley Y. Boardman / D. Willett (Tou) Toukley
2017 T. O'Regan / R. Wehrle  (SB) Shelly Beach Melanie Sheekey / Nick Merritt (Bre) Toukley
2018 Not Played Kim Burke / Scott Armstrong (SB) Toukley
2019 Not Played Yvonne Boardman / David Willett (Tou) Toukley
2020 Not Played Covid 19 Not Played Covid 19

District Champions

Pennant Series Results 1949 Forward

Year A Grade Venue Junior Venue B Grade Venue C Grade Venue
1950 A Wood (Wy) Gosford
1951 H Shackleton (T/L) Wyong
1952 H Shackleton (T/L) T/Lakes Wyong
1953 H Shackleton (T/L) R C Potts (Gos)
1954 Wyong Gosford T/Lakes
1955 A W Lees (T/L) T/Lakes A Simpson (Wy) Wyong F Snell (Wy) Gosford
1956 R Knox (Gos) Gosford F Haddrick (T/L) T/Lakes G Pearce (T/L) Wyong
1957 C Duncan (Gos) Wyong G Pearce (T/L) Gosford N Goldsmith (Wy) T/Lakes
1958 J Haggerty S Kennedy
1959 R Knox F Marsden B Stitt
1960 Wyong Gosford T/Lakes
1961 T/Lakes Wyong Gosford
1962 Gosford T/Lakes Wyong
1963 Wyong Gosford T/Lakes
1964 Gosford T/Lakes Wyong
1965 T/Lakes T/Lakes T/Lakes
1966 F Martin (E/G) Gosford   J Cunnington (Gos) Gosford J Smith (Wy) Gosford
1967 R Hall (T/L) T/Lakes S Booth (Wy) T/Lakes H Lansdowne (Wy) T/Lakes
1968 F Martin (E/G) Gosford F Tiddlesey (Gos) Gosford K Reid (T/L) Gosford
1969 A Slapp (T/L) Wyong R Phillips (Wy) Wyong J Elder (Wy) Wyong
1970 R Knox (Gos) Gosford G Wright (Gos) Gosford J Strong Gosford A Davis Gosford
1971 E Stewart (E/G) E/glades R Cunningham (E/G) E/glades P Treston (E/G) E/glades
1972 T/Lakes T/Lakes T/Lakes
1973 P Woods (T/L) Wyong T Passlow (Wy) Wyong C Clarke (Mor) Morisset
1974 E/glades E/glades Toukley
1975 B Newlands (E/G) T/Lakes C Moore (T/L) T/Lakes H Mullard (Mor) Morisset
1976 J Cunnington (Gos) Morisset M Riley (Tou) Morisset C Bailey (T/L) Morisset
1977 J Van Donk (E/G) Gosford N Swanson (T/L) Wyong N Mitchell (T/L) Wyong
1978 D Roberts (E/G) Wyong B Sullivan (T/L) Wyong R Milne (Mor) Morisset
1979 I Gross (Gos) Gosford F Brien (T/L) N Fogo (T/L)
1980 T Hoddinott (Wy) E/glades M Gallard (Gos) D Ellercamp (Mor)
1981 W Sharpe (T/L) T/Lakes R Alexander (Tou) A Camberoni (Mor)
1982 B Newlands (E/G) Toukley R Sheedy (T/L) G King (Terr)
1983 D Willetts (Tou) Morisset R Cheal (Terr) R Wynn (Tou)
1984 C Mitchell (T/L) Gosford L Heath (E/G) Gosford T Yarnold (Terr) T/Lakes
1985 C Mitchell (T/L) M Long (E/G) R Robson (T/L)
1986 R Whitlock (Mor) Toukley R Whitlock (Mor) Toukley J Fry (Wy) Gosford J Stanton (E/G) E/glades
1987 G Lind (E/G) E/glades R Schmidt (Gos)  E/Glades L Lucas (Terr) Wyong Wyong
1988 J Van Donk (E/G) D McManus (E/G) R Sheedy (T/L) B Semple
1989 S Thompson (Mor) M Crowe (T/L) S Roberts (Terr)
1990 S Thompson (Mor) Toukley K Holland (Tou) M Coughlin (Tou)
1991 B Frewin (Gos) Gosford S Cubis (Gos) Gosford Gosford Gosford
1992 D Willett (Tou) Wyong W Sonter (E/G) Wyong R Jackson (Terr) Wyong R Cremen (Wy)
1993 D Willett
1994 D Corbett (Tou)
1995 Morisset
1996 M Bowditch (Gos) Gosford J Cousins Gosford Not Played Not Played
1997 D Willett (Tou) Wyong T McDonald (Wy) Wyong Not Played Not Played
1998 J de Kort (Wy) T/Lakes T/Lakes Not Played Not Played
1999 M Burke (T/L) T/Lakes R Gallichan (Gos) T/Lakes Not Played Not Played
2000 R Gallichan (Gos) Toukley R Gallichan (Gos) Toukley Not Played Not Played
2001 P Sliwinski (T/L) T/Lakes R Gallichan (Gos) T/Lakes Not Played Not Played
2002 A Bond (Wy) Wyong S Binns (Gos) Wyong Not Played Not Played
2003 J Swanson (Terr) Gosford L Johnson (E/G) Gosford Not Played Not Played
2004 B Carmichael (E/G) E/glades G Binns (Gos) E/glades Not Played Not Played
2005 F Taylor (T/L) Morisset M. Kelly (Tou) Morisset Not Played Not Played
2006 J Swanson (Tou) Wyong D Papadatos (Tou) Wyong S Unterheiner (Wy) Wyong G Brown (Ter) Wyong
2007 J Swanson (Tou) Toukley H Woodbridge (E/G) Toukley Not Played Not Played
2008 P Sliwinski (T/L) Morisset J Breen (T/L) Morisset Not Played Not Played
2009 J Goldsmith (T/L) T/Lakes J Goldsmith (T/L) T/Lakes Not Played Not Played
2010 J Fitzgerald (Mor) Wyong A Pitty (Wy) Wyong Not Played Not Played
2011 D Morgan (Wy) Toukley J Butt (Tou) Toukley Not Played Not Played
2012 A Pitty (Wy) Wyong R Oliver (Tou) Wyong Not Played Not Played
2013 R Hogan (Tou) Wyong R Hogan (Tou) Wyong Not Played Not Played
2014 J Fitzgerald (Mor) Morisset L Salvador (Mor) Morisset Not Played Not Played
2015 J Swanson (SB) Shelly Beach J Milne (SB) Shelly Beach Not Played Not Played
2016 C Campbell (MS)  Wyong C Mackey (Mor) Wyong Not Played Not Played
2017 E Forsyth(Wy)  Kooindah Waters J Kable (SB) Kooindah Waters Not Played Not Played
2018 J Swanson (SB) Shelly Beach K Phillips  (Tou) Shelly Beach Not Played Not Played
2019 E Forsyth (Wy) Gosford D Pedzikiewicz (Wy) Gosford Not Played Not Played
2020 B Willett (Tou) Shelly Beach R. Millers (MS) Shelly Beach Not Played Not Played
Year A Grade B Grade C Grade Colts Juniors Sterland Shield Apperly Shield
1951 Gosford
1952 Gosford Gosford
1956 Gosford Tuggerah Lakes
1957 Gosford Tuggerah Lakes
1958 Gosford Tuggerah Lakes
1959 Gosford Everglades
1960 Everglades
1961 Gosford
1962 Gosford Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes Gosford
1963 Gosford Tuggerah Lakes
1964 Gosford Tuggerah Lakes
1965 Wyong Wyong Wyong Tuggerah Lakes Wyong
1966 Gosford Tuggerah Lakes
1967 Gosford Tuggerah Lakes Gosford Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes
1968 Gosford Tuggerah Lakes Gosford Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes
1969 Gosford Tuggerah Lakes Wyong Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes
1970 Tuggerah Lakes Gosford Everglades Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes
1971 Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes Everglades Tuggerah Lakes
1972 Wyong Wyong Everglades Gosford Wyong
1973 Wyong Tuggerah Lakes Wyong Wyong
1974 Gosford Gosford Gosford Gosford
1975 Wyong Everglades Wyong Everglades Tuggerah Lakes
1976 Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes Toukley Everglades Tuggerah Lakes
1977 Wyong Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes Everglades Tuggerah Lakes
1978 Tuggerah Lakes Morisset Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes
1979 Everglades Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes
1980 Everglades Gosford Tuggerah Lakes Wyong Gosford
1981 Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes Wyong Tuggerah Lakes
1982 Tuggerah Lakes Everglades Terrigal Wyong Gosford
1983 Gosford Gosford Terrigal Toukley Gosford
1984 Tuggerah Lakes Everglades Everglades Everglades Everglades
1985 Tuggerah Lakes Everglades Tuggerah Lakes Everglades Tuggerah Lakes
1986 Everglades Everglades Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes Everglades
1987 Everglades Everglades Everglades Gosford Everglades
1988 Tuggerah Lakes Everglades Everglades Gosford Everglades
1989 Everglades Everglades Toukley Everglades Everglades
1990 Morisset Everglades Toukley Everglades Morisset
1991 Gosford Morisset Morisset Morisset Morisset
1992 Morisset Everglades Terrigal Gosford Everglades
1993 Tuggerah Lakes Terrigal Everglades Everglades
1994 Everglades Gosford Morisset / Gosford Morisset Morisset
1995 Tuggerah Lakes Morisset Terrigal Terrigal Tuggerah Lakes
1996 Morisset Terrigal Morisset Introduced 1997 Tuggerah Lakes Toukley
1997 Morisset Everglades Wyong Toukley Everglades Everglades
1998 Wyong Terrigal Wyong Everglades Everglades Toukley
1999 Toukley Terrigal Terrigal Morisset Toukley Gosford
2000 Tuggerah Lakes Toukley Terrigal Terrigal Terrigal Tuggerah Lakes
2001 Tuggerah Lakes Toukley Terrigal Gosford Toukley Gosford
2002 Gosford Morisset Morisset Tuggerah Lakes Everglades Tuggerah Lakes
2003 Tuggerah Lakes Terrigal Wyong Toukley Gosford Tuggerah Lakes Introduced 2004
2004 Tuggerah Lakes Gosford Terrigal Not Played Toukley Toukley Wyong
2005 Tuggerah Lakes Toukley Gosford Not Played Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes Gosford
2006 Toukley Wyong Toukley Not Played Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes Toukley
2007 Toukley Tuggerah Lakes Toukley Not Played Wyong Tuggerah Lakes Tuggerah Lakes
2008 Wyong Magenta Shores Gosford Not Played Everglades Gosford Toukley
2009 Wyong Tuggerah Lakes Magenta Sh. Not Played Wyong Gosford Wyong
2010 Wyong Magenta Shores Morisset Not Played Wyong Gosford Wyong
2011 Everglades Gosford Toukley Not Played Toukley Toukley Toukley
2012 Toukley Kooindah Waters Gosford Not Played Wyong Toukley Toukley
2013 Wyong Wyong Wyong Not Played Toukley Toukley Magenta Shores
2014 Toukley Kooindah Waters Mangrove Mountain Not Played Shelly Beach Toukley Toukley
2015 Toukley Gosford Gosford Not Played Shelly Beach Toukley Not Played
2016 Shelly Beach Toukley Breakers Not Played Everglades Toukley Not Played
2017 Toukley Wyong Kooindah Waters Not Played Shelly Beach Toukley Not Played
2018 Wyong Everglades Toukley Not Played Toukley Wyong Not Played
2019 Shelly Beach Wyong Wyong Not Played Everglades Wyong Not Played
2020 Shelly Beach Wyong Wyong Not Played Shelly Beach Wyong

Tony Lamaro Match Play Championship

First played 2014

Year Winner
2014 James Swanson (SB)
2015 David Willett (Tou)
2016 Shane Quick (SB)
2017 Jason Hyde (Wy)
2018 Lloyd Radcliffe (KW)
2019 Jamie Stephen (SB)
2020 Not Played - Covid 19/tr>

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