2021 CCDGA Challenge Cup

Published June 26, 2021 17:18

For the second year in a row the Challenge Cup, scheduled to be played at Everglades Sunday 27 June, has been deferred due to the Covid 19 lockdown introduced Saturday 26 June.

Previously golf was deemed a safe form of exercise and as we understand the lockdown restrictions, exercise is permitted for groups under 10 and there are no restrictions on travel for essential services.

It would probably be difficult however to argue that travelling from all over the Coast to play at Everglades in the Cup is essential when a player could easily play at their local course. CCDGA is also determined to keep our members as safe as possible and free from the health impact of Covid and by deferring the Cup any exposure to the virus will be avoided.

Consideration will be given to rescheduling the Cup at the July meeting of CCDGA.

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