Published November 21, 2020 08:46

CCWGA Sponsored Event

Everglades Winners Winners at Everglades 

Tuesday 10 November 2020 was a special day which saw the CCWGA sponsored 4 Person Team Event on a truly beautiful day. The day got off to a complicated start with news that all players would tee off the 10th due to a serious incident in a street adjacent to the course. We were all somewhat inconvenienced and with some serious delays occurring, however once the front nine was reopened, the field moved more quickly.

The winning team in the 4 person 1 score to count event was: Donna Mitchell, Adele Taylor, Raeli Pickering, Patsy-Ann Kentwell with a great score of 53 points. Congratulations to you all.

Everglades r/up Everglades Runners Up Everglades 3rd Everglades 3rd place team member

2nd Place went to Tracey Forde, Meg Warr, Sue Quilkey and Vicki Duesbury A great score of 52, just one point shy of the winners.

3rd Place went to the team of Pat Myles, Jan Duffield, Karen Myles and Lyn McMurray, Scoring 50.
4th Place went to the team of Bev Burns, Kerry Robertson, Merran Adams and Rosamond Laws, scoring 49.
5th Place went to the team of Leeanne Livens, Merryll Mead and Margaret Cullen, Scoring 48.
A great day was had by all with everyone enjoying their game of golf.
This Event raised an additional $200 which combined with our early contribution in July 2020 of $3,500 makes our donation to the District Charity Lifeline Direct a total of $3,700. A great result and a special thankyou to the CCWGA President and Committee for sponsoring this day.

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